Social Media and Marketing Courses and Workshops

We are Rule Breakers, Coaches, Magicians, Data Analysts, Musicians, Authors, Editors and Perfectly Flawed Humans!

And we are really, really passionate about helping you grow your brand!

We train you to look deep into your marketing, immerse yourself in your customer’s world and show you how to build and connect with your tribe on a whole new digital level.

At JAM, the status is far from quo.

JAM Executive Team

Karen Lynch
Chief Inspirer & Founder

An inspiring business and keynote speaker, Karen’s passion in helping people grow their business and build great relationships has never waned.

Well-known as a featured guest author on USA morning show, ‘The Balancing Act’ 2010, Karen was also Co-founder & Editor of previously popular SO (business) Magazine and was one of just seven World finalists for Digital Magazine Editor of the Year (DMA, London, 2015)

The success of her first businesses pushed her into the limelight, and for 16 years she has coached many business owners to achieve extraordinary success.

She is real. She is wise. And her incredible energy and sense of fun is highly contagious.

Katie Blake
Master Jammer

Social Media Marketing expert, Katie, is one of those rare people who innately understand the intricacies of digital media and how your visual brand stories need to be told.

“Marketers have the ultimate opportunity ever – but they are so busy, they don’t have time to stay up-to-the-minute and therefore are not utilising the digital world to its potential. This is where I LOVE to help. I know what it’s like – they have a really big job to do!”

A self confessed lover of Chatbots, our beautiful Katie takes the weight off your shoulders and makes sure you leave the training room feeling confident and on track!

She is a solid, extra-cool chick and you’ll love her.

David Lynch
Techy Geek

How do you explain what a Techy Geek does? As JAM’s Digital Marketing Analyst and Strategist, Dave, in a nutshell, looks at the numbers so we can scale successful marketing campaigns.

I find it absolutely mind blowing and super exciting at how powerful and detailed digital marketing is. I love showing you how you can reach your people (potential clients) so easily – with the right strategies of course!

Co-founder of the hugely popular SO Magazine with Karen and Steve, David had a career in science, has grown successful online businesses, and he’s just a really great human.

Steve Winder
Production Humourist

Steve has an absolute gift at ‘bringing out’ the real person in front of the camera. He captures the essence of your true person in the video training courses – one course you won’t want to miss!

“I was a hairdresser before I was a filmmaker so I really understand people. Instead of behind the chair – it’s behind the camera and I love it!

Also co-founder of the hugely popular SO Magazine with Karen and David, Steve’s wicked english humour keeps the team laughing and the world is truly a better place because of him.

The Social Media Results that Are Hard to Measure in Your Business

Social media is getting more complex by the day, (we know, we do this for a living!) so how on earth can you know what social media results you should be getting for your business?  Especially in a time when you can hear different opinions from so many people – and they all seem to know what they’re talking about!  Or do they?

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Business Problem… Those 2am Moments When you Think – WTF??!!

I’m pretty sure every business owner and manager has them.  Some more frequently than others.  Do you? I know I’ve had them – more times than I can count probably.  And it doesn’t matter how successful we are in business, we have those business problem times when we wake up and go, “Holy Moly, what the hell am I gonna do?!”

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Serious About Growing Your Business

We’re JAM Serious about Growing your Business

Running a Business can be a Tough Gig. We SO Know.

Sales can be such a rollercoaster sales ride, right? If it’s not customers you need more of – it’s good staff, right?

To top it off, marketing has never changed at a faster rate than it is now.

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