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Social Media is the greatest marketing tool we have ever had in small to medium business! Yet it is also the most misunderstood and mis-used marketing tool.

Hopefully, I can shed a little light here for you.

You’re a switched-on, intelligent business owner, marketer, manager – (maybe even that can’t-do-without-admin who’s responsible for the social media marketing).

Whoever you are, you wouldn’t have got as far as you have without being so damn good at what you do. (Well done to you by the way, we need great leaders like you in the world).

You know you need to be a powerhouse in social media and digital marketing – sure, you don’t want to be left behind, but chances are customers aren’t exactly swarming through your social media platforms to do business with you (or not enough anyway). OR you don’t seem to be attracting the right team – or not enough of them…

Maybe you even have an employee or an agency who is ‘posting’ for you, doing ‘ads’ for you, keeping your website up to date… but you really wonder whether it’s working as well as it should. Hmmm.

Here’s what we know
There’s a social media or digital expert on every damn corner who often has no idea about true marketing strategy and what it takes to develop and execute a mind-blowing awesome set of campaigns. Because they’re either not a true marketer or they’re not business savvy.

You gotta be both.

We know – we see it all the time (as we look down, gently shaking our head) but YOU CAN LEARN!

And we’re here to teach you.

7 Steps to Making your Social Media Marketing Effective

It is true that anyone can do social media marketing – but it is a myth that anyone can get results. You think you don’t have a handle on it? Don’t feel bad – many marketers don’t. It’s become so complex and you’re possibly spending all your time looking after your social media that you haven’t got time to keep up to date!  Something changes almost every week!

There are many factors to consider when planning your social media marketing message.
Here are the 7 most important.

1. Know your Brand Story

Like, really know it. I’m not talking a cool logo and design or a mission statement here, although they’re important of course. I mean, have a brand story.

Your why. What you stand for, what makes your business authentic, interesting – and from that, your brand has a number of stories to tell – but unfortunately most don’t tell it, or even know what their stories are.

Don’t worry – this is what we do! Your target market, believe me, loves stories.  Every human is hard wired this way!
Read more about finding your brand story here

2. Know your Target Market

and what that target market is truly looking for!
This target market needs to now be broken down into micro-niche segments.  Digital marketing is sooo specific.  You cannot simply target one audience anymore.
This is one of the most important steps in having a successful marketing strategy that can last the distance and attract the right people to your company through your social media platforms.

3. Have a Team Attraction Plan

Know who you want, exactly. Your social media and digital marketing can have such a major impact on the people you attract – so use it to your advantage!  Don’t wait until you are desperate for the right person – have your team attraction plan working all year round so the great ones are attracted to you via social and digital media (believe us, they’re out there looking… don’t let them find your competition first!)
Read more about putting together an effective Team Attraction plan here

4. Know WHAT you’re Really Selling

What is your audience truly buying from you? It’s not your product, it’s not your service, it’s not a franchise… it’s what your product or service gives them.  For instance, we’re not selling you social media marketing. We’re selling you success, the chance of a better lifestyle, more rewarding marketing career and less stress! Get a less stressful life!

Your Team are not applying for a job – your franchisees are not buying a business – they’re buying into a tribe, a beleief – theyre buying lifestyle and freedom! (the list seriously can go on)

Think also, who your audience are buying from?  People buy people.  If you like our personality at JAM and how we communicate to you, you’ll wanna #GetJammed. That’s how it works.
Show that you’re HUMAN.

5. Now put all of that together as a Journey…

And that’s just a taste of it. It’s a journey. It is NOT a one-ad-process (or even two or three for that matter).

What you ‘sell’ will vary, how you sell it will vary, the sequence of the journey you take your audience on will vary – the platforms you use will vary – but attracting a potential customer, team member or franchisee is a well thought out, planned, strategised process.

Shouting out a campaign, selling a product, driving traffic to your website… is a process!

Great social media is not something you do once and it’s done.  Otherwise it’s like you ‘left the party’ and therefore your guests will end up talking to your competition – because you’re not there!

It’s a little like dating, actually…
Read more about the Client Dating process here

6. Know What Language to use to Get and Keep them Engaged

You need your social media language to reflect your brand. The words you use should communicate to your audience who you really are and be presented in a way that your customers, your team or your franchisees really get.

And, of course, these audiences are broken up into micro-niche segments so the language may change for each segment!

This is the part most businesses miss on social media.  The art of communication.  It’s everything.

At JAM we use all sorts of connotations and slang. Now, this may not suit your brand at all. That’s why, when we train you in certain social media workshops, we help you make up your very own customised ‘brand language board.’  We know that to represent your brand,  must sound like it too.

7. Understand What Each Social Media Platform Does (and how to use it effectively)

Each social media platform has its own purpose and way of delivery. For instance; People go to Facebook and Instagram to connect, socialise and see what their friends are up to.

In the process of connecting though, they also find out what others are doing – what they’re wearing, eating, seeing – what jobs they’re doing, who they love and what they believe in.

Instagram has a different purpose than Facebook and a different audience too.  We will explain this to you in our workshops in detail, of course.

But the number one thing to remember is that Facebook (as owner of Instagram also) wants its users to see things in their newsfeed that are relevant, informational and just downright enjoyable. If this doesn’t happen, Facebook knows everyone will leave. Which means you’d better put up paid Ads and stories that are relevant, informational and downright enjoyable too.

Forget the ‘buy me’ ads that generally only disrupt your audience’s newsfeed.  Having said that – there is a way to do this without being annoying!  But it’s a strategy and only part of your campaign.

If you don’t adhere to these social rules, Facebook will make sure you won’t show up on newsfeeds, except maybe your mothers. Yep, your ads will go basically nowhere. Even if you pay, baby.  More on this in the workshops, but that’s the quick lowdown.

This is why your first step in social media strategy is simply building relationships – you’ve got to make them want to see you first!

Of course, you know the best way to get them to want you don’t you?


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