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JAM to Attract the Right Team in your Business

Oh, for JAMS sake – how hard is it to find an amazing team member – at just the right time?

Not always so easy, right?

We sooo know.  In many industries,  it’s sometimes even hard to find bad ones….

BUT! This is where social media and digital marketing is the absolute best!

Using your social media platform (to its potential!) will attract awesome humans in to your business.

Social Media Marketing is seriously is a wonderful, wonderful marketing tool that should be part of every single business’s team attraction plan.

In the past, when we’ve needed these people, we’ve simply advertised – but have you noticed how that doesn’t work too well anymore? For many businesses this is reality! That’s why we must have an attraction plan and attract the right people into our business.

Do you have a well thought out Team Attraction Plan?

Most managers are so busy just doing what’s necessary – you know, just keeping the business ticking over and putting out fires – that they don’t have time to put together a proper team attraction plan.

However, this could be the single most important thing you ever do.

Let me share a little of my own story with you…

In all my years of business I can’t say I’ve always had a great team (or franchisees) around me. I learned the hard way! Back in the early days, I employed people whom I thought were the best I could get (after I’d interviewed so many, I thought that’s all there was!) or taken on franchisees because they were excited and were decent human beings. Hmmmm.

The truth is, I recall a moment in my first business, when I realised I’d lowered my standards, very slowly at first – in fact so slow I didn’t even notice for a while – until one day, I woke the hell up.

I looked at my business and realised it was WAY below the high consistent standard I wanted!

That’s when I started my first team attraction plan. I didn’t call it that then, though – I had simply decided I’d had enough! It was time to lift our consistent standards of service! I was on a mission, baby. I was out to find the best people.

Now, I wish I could tell you from that moment I fixed everything overnight.

Nope, not exactly.

But I can tell you that as soon as I put my team attraction plan into place, things DID start improving straight away – bit by bit – with each and every hire I made. I realised that attracting people is a long term plan, not an ad we put out there the day we desperately need someone.

I mean, wouldn’t you rather have an amazing person walk into your business with their resume?  Because they’ve been watching your business stories and have decided they really want to work for YOU?

Well, as they say, the rest of my story is history. Within 2 years, our main supplier company was asking us to present business seminars and I’ve since helped so many business owners achieve incredible results.

There was a lot more to our success of course than just the team attraction plan, but I promise you, it was a major part.

However, (and here’s the funny part) I did the same thing when looking for franchisees.  The first franchisees I took on were lovely people – and they were soooo excited!  But they weren’t right.  No fault of theirs.  Just a lack in my selection criteria.

As I said, I learned the hard way.  But what great lessons.  I’ve been able to get it right, and help many business owners with this process.

It’s from all this experience I am so committed to help you attract the right people too.

In many industries – your team are your business. It’s crucial you get this right.


So, what exactly is a ‘Team Attraction Plan’ then?

Well, it started with me forgetting what I thought was reality – and writing down my dream team member.

In detail.

I’m talking perfection here, peeps.

Then what?

Well, this is where we make it easy for you!

This can be an evergreen digital marketing campaign – where you truly get a deep understanding of your dream team and we teach you exactly how to create an evergreen campaign around it.

Step by step.

Imagine never having to stress about finding the right team member at the last minute.

It’s possible.


Message me below!  Can’t wait to hear from you!

Karen x


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