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OWN your Social Results!

Your Ultimate One-day Digital Marketing Course to get your Business Cranking - and get those results you need!

Here it is!  You’ve been asking for this!

Whether you’re a Marketing Manager, an Admin responsible for your company’s social media or a business owner needing to better understand your digital marketing opportunities – this course is for you!

Because you need results, right?

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OWN your Social Results is a comprehensive, dynamic overview of Social Media and Digital Marketing. Learn exactly how the major social networks; Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, You Tube, along with your Website and Google Ads can seriously grow your business and get you the results you need.  Cost effectively. But you’ve got to know how to play the game. And the game is forever changing…

There are MAJOR changes happening in the world of social media (with more coming) and you need to know exactly what these are before you go throwing valuable time and money into the wrong thing.

Now, marketing is what we do, every single day. It’s our full-time job – learning and researching and keeping up with social media and digital marketing.  And it’s a freaking minefield!

But it’s also the most cost effective and easiest way you can grow your business, right now.

In fact there’s no better time than right now for you to be making the most of digital and social media advertising.

So, we’ve put together this dynamic overview of Digital Marketing.

And it seriously, will be the best thing you learn this year.  


We’ve just been in USA rubbing shoulders with the ‘who’s who’ in the digital world and the Facebook folk – which means that in this course, we’ll be revealing to you the hottest and latest news about the future of social media – AND how you can use this for your future marketing planning.

Make sure you don’t miss this boat.

We’re also going to share with you exactly how each network should ‘interlock’ and be part of your marketing mix that gets people eyeballing your brand .  

Yep, we’re going to give you the ‘big JAM strategy’, baby.

We’ll give you the Low-Down and the Know-How in this comprehensive up-to-the-minute Digital Marketing Overview. So that you go away with the confidence you need to make the most of your current opportunities (before your competition does).

You will learn the purpose of each major social media and digital network and how you can maximise each one to get your brand story out there and ultimately attract customers into your business.

You will understand the future of Social Media – what is going to happen and how your business needs to be ready for these massive changes (and massive opportunities)!

Oh, and did we mention make more sales?

This is your chance to rock your social media marketing.

Just don’t get left behind.

We’re here to help.  And I promise we’ll make it fun too!  

(No group hugs or high-fiving though so don’t worry).

We keep classes small, so  REGISTER NOW by sending a message below. (We’ll let you know as soon as a date is confirmed)

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This will sell out.

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Here are the details…

✅ Google Ads can put your way, way, way ahead of your competition

✅ Is a Website still essential? How you can turn your existing website into a major marketing machine or, if you don’t have a website, how to turn your Facebook Business Page into a website…hmmmm, curious?

✅ Facebook Business Page – why posting is going to be a small part of your marketing mix. Only 1% of your audience see your organic posts on the newsfeed – so what does this mean now for the future of your business page?

✅ Facebook Groups and how they could play a major part in your business. The essential do’s and don’ts.

✅ The future of Facebook Messenger Chatbots and how you could use this now and be way ahead of your competition

✅ Facebook Advertising – and how this one tool can mind-blowingly explode your business. The opportunity is now though, so you’ll need to know how to make the most of this window (and NO, we’re not talking boosted posts here – so please don’t waste your money on those unless you know exactly when to use them!)

✅ Facebook Stories – and how the hell these work!

✅ Instagram – how this platform works differently and how you can maximise your success on this platform, including what Instagram Stories and Instagram Highlights are and how to best use them.

✅ Is your Business suited to Using LinkedIn and/or You Tube? These networks have grown up and have many ways they might dramatically help you grow your business.

✅ The value of Online Reviews (Facebook/Google etc) Not a maybe but a must for your business.

✅ What is your Brand Story – why it is the core of your entire marketing and how you make sure you’ve got a good one! (Chances are it’s right under your nose. We’ll help you with this one!

✅ Content creation – How to create and share the type of content your audience are looking for! Choosing visuals and writing scroll-stopping captions by knowing how to use the right language to match your brand story.

✅ Defining your objectives – what is possible actually possible to achieve with digital marketing and how you can use these to define your own company’s objectives and ROI.

✅ The daily grind of Social Media. All your questions answered in one hit… How long do you need to spend on Social Media everyday? How often should you post? What is the best time to post? How do you get more followers? Should you post direct on the networks or use professional scheduling tools? How do you manage and respond to comments and direct messages – both positive and negative… yep the list goes on but you get the gist.

✅ Why you must now break your target market into segments. Defining one target market is no longer enough and is too broad for digital marketing. We show you how.

✅ Measuring the stats – how to make sure you measure the data that matters – it needs to be simply and effective – there are many stats that are only good for your ego not your bottom line. report to share with your boss or team and improve from.

✅ How you need to interlock these platforms to create your very own marketing strategy

EARLYBIRD tickets will be available when tickets go on sale (or until sold out) $397 and you can pay by two installments if that helps the cashflow!

Because we grow business.  And it’s what we’ve been doing for over 15 years as international business speakers, coaches and marketing geeks – and we use all of this experience when we deliver this to you.

It’s one thing to know social media or digital marketing.  It’s quite another to truly know, from experience, how to grow a highly successful business.

We do both.

We share some great real-life stories too and get your really inspired. After all – who motivates the motivator?  And you’ve got a really big job to do, right?

Helping you grow your business so you can have the job satisfaction, the status, the career, the contracts and hey – to provide the lifestyle that you deserve… that’s what drives us here at JAM.  

We know, we’ve been there!

So, we’ve put this course together specifically from what you’ve been asking for.  We listened.

SO looking forward to helping you get the results you deserve.

Scroll down or look to the right here AND SEND US A MESSAGE ON THE FORM and we’ll let you know as soon as tickets go on sale!

Karen, Katie and David

Your JAM Presenters

Karen Lynch

Chief Inspirer

Katie Blake

Master Jammer

David Lynch

Techy Geek

Important Info

Timing: We start at 9am. This ensures we have you set up for the day, connected to WiFi and gives us time to resolve any technical issues to before we get started with our JAM-packed day!.

BYO Equipment. Please bring your own laptop (not iPad or tablet, you’ll see why) and notepad and pen. There could be potential customers in the room for you, so bring your business cards too!

Cancellation Policy: While tickets are non-refundable, we totally understand if you can’t make it – in which case a substitute person is very welcome at no extra charge, OR we will give you a voucher to attend the same course on a future date where there is availability.

Recording of Event. If the event you are attending is recorded via photographs and/or video (and published for marketing purposes), we will tell you before the event begins and you can choose whether or not you wish your image to be published.  We will totally respect your wish! 

Collection of Data. We detest spam! Your contact details will be entered onto our database as a result of your registration for this event and is only used for us to email you important details about the event, updates on social media information, and to notify you of future upcoming events – we will never email you salesy rubbish! You can unsubscribe at any time.  We also promise that your details are held privately and never given or sold to any third party!

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