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Marketing Has Massively CHANGED, and We're on Mission to Help You

IT’s almost impossible to keep up with all the marketing changes and find the time to grow your business, right? 

Imagine having time set aside once a month to work on your marketing.

And, (even better) having marketing experts guiding you as you work – no matter what you’re working on? Not to brag, but we flat-out know what works.

The marketing wave is here and that wave will either crash down on you, OR you’ll learn to ride the JAM Marketing Wave. Let’s do the latter.  😜

Your Marketing Workshop Hub Meets Every Month

Keeping our marketing workshop hubs small (maximum 12), we meet for a half day, once a month.  

Whatever you want to work on – Strategy, Social Media, Ads, Brochures, Promos, Blogs, Campaigns… we are there to guide you.  

Karen and Katie peruse the room, personally guiding you with any strategy, knowledge, words, techniques… whatever you need to get a great marketing result for your business!

You also get full access to Karen and Katie through a closed Facebook page, where you can get your work critiqued, and learn the hottest trade secrets.

  • HUB AVAILABILITY: NOOSA, 3rd Wednesday of the month (except for December) Please contact us to join (see form below) 

How incredible will it feel to have your marketing done properly – and ahead of time.

Marketing Group Women having fun

Every marketing workshop begins with us sharing recent changes - such as Social Media platform changes coming up, new ideas, trends, and all those little trade secrets 😮😀

Guy waves his arm in delight at Marketing Workshop Hub

Marketing Should Always be FUN

As we always say – if you hate your marketing, you’re doing it wrong!  Your Marketing Workshop will be fun because we help you find the best marketing channels that suit your style, and your brand.

Above all, we guide you with your marketing strategy, so you’re no longer just reactionary marketing – you have it all laid out.  

Ah, imagine how great that will feel?!

Because we keep you up with the latest changes and trends, it’s amazing how much more confident you’ll feel even just KNOWING what you’re doing and how to do it!

Aside from all that, you’ll be working alongside a bunch of really good humans who are all working as hard on their business as you are.

Join this awesome marketing workshop hub and ride the JAM marketing wave – it’s a no-brainer, right?


In between monthly marketing workshops, you will share and learn on our private facebook group page, and even get your work critiqued by us 🤓

So, What's the Cost and Commitment?

Your commitment needs to be 6 months to get the value you need. Your monthly, in-person marketing guidance from the experts will keep you on track and your business growing.  You’ll be learning the latest marketing trends, sharing and getting your work critiqued in between meetings.
All that for just 197+gst per person, per month.
See?  Told you it was a no-brainer 😎

You'll soon be ahead of the crowd.

Get in now. 😎

You'll be glad you did.😃

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We only have a maximum of 12 in a marketing workshop hub so we can be sure to give you the individual time that you need. As long as there is availability, you can join a hub at any time.

Simply fill in the form and I’ll get in contact with you and share further details. 
Talk soon!  Karen x

Steve Katie Karen and Dave run the Marketing Workshop Group

Feel you need something more than a Marketing Workshop?

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So, Who is the JAM Team?

Steve Katie Karen and Dave run the Marketing Workshop Group
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